English design with Italian craftsmanship.

Cataleya London brings you elegant and beautifully crafted Italian leather handbags, with both form and function. Cataleya London values traditional handbag making methods where craftsmanship is key.

Why Cataleya?

Cataleyas are the most sumptuous, extravagant and exotic orchids.  The Cataleya is considered to be the queen of orchids and means graceful woman. Cataleya London as a brand encompasses the opulence, femininity and grace of the Cataleya.

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The Founders

Reetu Rai

Founder & Creative Director

I had an idea of a bag I wanted for work to carry my laptop and all the other things I like to carry about with me.  I wanted something reasonably priced, genuine leather, high quality, a bag that was colourful, a little different and practical for work…ok so quite a long list.  I spent some time trying to search for this dream bag and noticed that a lot of the work bags for women were actually pretty dull.  I could visualise the bag I wanted, but I just couldn’t find it, so that’s when I decided to design my own and launch Cataleya London.  I’ve been lucky to meet Gracey, who shares my love for the brand, the concept, functional designs and all things accessories!


Co-Founder & Creative Director

I have always had a love of fashion. As a young girl, growing up with parents that worked so hard to make ends meet, I would search garage sales, consignment shops, thrift stores, and discounted stores and would shop for smart pieces of clothing that I could style. I remember being 12 years old and receiving my first magazine subscription in the mail and to me, that felt like Christmas morning!  I went on to design and launch a jewellery range and then become Co-Founder of Cataleya London.  Having first launched in Reetu’s hometown, London, I’m excited to bring Cataleya London to the US!

Evelyn Ewing

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