Founded in 2013 by British Designer, Reetu Rai, Cataleya London brings you elegant and beautifully crafted Italian leather handbags, with both form and function. Cataleya London values traditional handbag making methods where craftsmanship is key. We work with a team in Palermo, Italy who help with sourcing our beautiful leather and hardware, moreover are responsible for producing our designs.

Why Cataleya?

Cataleyas are the most sumptuous, extravagant and exotic orchids.  The Cataleya is considered to be the queen of orchids and means graceful woman. Cataleya London as a brand encompasses the opulence, femininity and grace of the Cataleya.

The Designer

I had an idea of a bag I wanted for work to carry my laptop and all my other many items.  I wanted something reasonably priced, genuine leather, high quality, a bag that was colourful, a little different and practical for work. I spent quite some time trying to search for this dream bag and noticed that a lot of the work bags for women were actually pretty dull.  I could visualise the bag I wanted, but I just couldn't find it, so that's when I decided to design my own. 

From a young age I have always had an affinity to fashion.  At the age of nine I would use material left over from the outfits my mum would sew for herself to create outfits and accessories for my dolls.  I would also spend hours creating my own fashion catalogues with drawings of lots of dresses. I've always experimented with fashion and not been afraid to try something new. 

The Cataleya London collections are inspired by my love for beautiful leather, colour and the desire to stand out from the crowd and embrace differentiality.  I wanted to create a range of designs that deliver on quality, style and uniqueness that people from all backgrounds and ages can enjoy.  I am inspired by everyday people and life. I believe in following your instincts and never giving up.